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The Vision
The vision of Anointed Connection/A.O.C.O. (Abundance of Christ Outreach), is to establish, strengthen, secure and inspire believers of the Christian faith, in the precept of our creed, to the five points of this vision for the people of God and His kingdom. "Where there is no vision, the people perish" (Proverbs 28:18).


Point 1: An Outreach
A reaching out to people for their needs and to establish a people for Christ and the kingdom of God. This would be accomplished by means of a place of worship (church), a learning center, a family and counseling center, schools, youth centers and Christian businesses.

Point 2:

Academics, Economics and Spirituality of God's People

Academics-of higher learning
To assist or establish the necessary means of higher education. This is critical in order that God's people can face the current and future challenges in our society.

Economics-of higher earning.
Provide economics of higher earning.

  1. Become productive in business.
    • Provide for the community.
      • Utilize all that we have in order to be found useful and accountable as good stewards.

Spirituality-of higher ground

  1. In culture as a race and nationality
    • In cultivation as Christ's servants.



Point 3: Youth-Youth for Excellence
To provide a focus for youth that the goal of excellence is the path of dignity with programs, activities, counseling, and facilities. These social and educational services will have as their direction to deal with the responsibilities, problems and issues facing Christian and non-Christian youth.

Point 4: Radio and Television Ministry
The goal is of this ministry is to reach the total family, from house to house, assisting in bringing about godly strength and security.

Point 5: International
To establish centers, schools, missions, businesses, churches, activities and programs worldwide. This would be done in order to minister without bounds for the glory of Christ Jesus and the kingdom of God.




The five points of the vision have an appointed time...at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry (Habakkuk 2:3). The five points are being written...that he may run that readeth it (Habakkuk 2:2). It has inspired our leaders to make it plain, that it may inspire as well to reader and runner.


The Organization


  • Abundance of Christ Outreach
    • X-Unit (Reform/Transient for Gang Leaders and Drug Dealers)
      • Y4E
        • Max Am I
          • Contact for Impact Radio Live


          Global Mission

          • Reaching nations and preparing this generation.

          Urban Mission
          We are a multifaceted facility that will address and meet the need of the broken, abused, and forgotten with compassion and actions.

          Compassion With Action
          Inner City Mission

          The inner city mission will provide compassion with action for the homeless, outcast, and less fortunate as follows:

          1. Food Programs
          2. Food Banks
          3. Clothing
          4. Shelter
          5. Emergency Shelter
          6. Job Referrals
          7. Job Training
          8. Social Service Referrals

          House of Ji'reh
          The rescue mission will provide proper shelter, nutritious meals and clothing for the homeless and street people.

          Love Depot
          To provide shelter, housing, and counseling for battered women and children to assist them in overcoming abuse.

          Group Homes
          One Stop Outreach
          To provide housing, counseling, assistance to runaways, delinquent, and foster children.

          Prison Outreach- "Wayside"
          To provide programs, activities, trades, job training, and counseling to those in prison/halfway houses. Also to assist in the transition period following release from prison. To help re-introduce/mainstream these individuals back into society/follow-up programs.

          Children's Hospital Outreach (CHO)

          1. Compassion with action: visit children on holidays with attention, love, toys, cards, and flowers.
            • To establish tender care unit(s) for substance-abuse children with counseling and caring programs.
              • To provide facilities, social service, and placement for children who have experienced trauma and/or disasters in their lives.
                • To provide medical and psychological counseling/guidance for these children through the effort of volunteer interns who specialize in these fields.
                  • To provide lectures on health care, hygiene and health hazards, through doctors and nurses.



          V.I.P. Club
          Senior Citizen Outreach
          To provide clothing, caring, counseling, and address senior concerns as follows:

          1. Food Programs
          A. Meals designed and prepared too meet their dietary needs.
          B. Delivery of meals to the homes.

          2. Social Services
          A. Budget and money management, SS/SSI.
          B. Shopping for clothing and household needs.

          3. Programs In Recreation
          A. Exercise (aerobics), bowling, tennis, ping pong, etc.
          B. Arts, crafts, employment
          C. Audio/visual aides

          4. Housing
          A. A tri-level accommodation
          1. Senior citizen self sufficiency
          2. S.S. out needing assistance
          3. Convalescence to final stages of life
          B. Referrals to S.S. building or housing for those who are independently able to
          sustain and maintain such.

          5. Special Services
          A. Assist in transporting to:
          1. Market, Doctor, etc.
          B. In home care house keeping, cooking, laundry, etc.

          6. Counseling
          A. Address those areas which tend to plague senior citizens, thus causing them
          to more rapidly deteriorate.
          1. Fear of becoming old.
          2. Fear of being cast aside.
          3. Fear of being non productive.

          Abundance of Christ Church Outreach, Inc.
          Anointed Connection International Ministries reaches out to what appears as hopeless conditions in our cities and country. To become the instrument of Christ Jesus for a major impact. For changes in homes, neighborhoods, communities, and ultimately our society.

          Through the power of God and His Holy Word, we can "Give Birth For New Turf."

          I have long envisioned such massive outreach projects to aide in the rebuilding and reviving of our families, neighborhoods, communities, and to service our society as a whole.

          ...Especially "Securing Households That They May Become Strongholds. Reaching Nations And Preparing Generation"... Robbie Horton, Ph.D-Founder/C.E.O

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